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Converted web pages typically include tagged bookmarks

You are prompted to save any changesClosing a window does not close a document if more than one window is open

fleet farm pdf

Close all windows for a document Choose File > CloseYou are prompted to save any changes before each window is closedView grids Use grids to accurately line up text and objects in a document

fleet farm pdf

When turned on, the grid is visible over the documentThe Snap To Grid option aligns an object with the nearest grid line when you move the object

fleet farm pdf

View or hide the grid Choose View > Show/Hide > Rulers & Grids > Grid

A check mark appears next to the command name when the grid is displayedYou may want to set up page actions that temporarily hide interface controls while the page is in view

(See Add actions with page thumbnails) Add page transitions You can create an interesting effect that occurs each time a page advances by using page transitions

You can also set page transitions for a group of documents using the Actions wizard in Acrobat ProDo one of the following: Choose Tools > Organize Pages > More > Page Transitions

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